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Locked-In to Success (AKA GRINDING)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019


Verb 1. to wear, smooth, or sharpen by abrasion or


Success doesn't happen overnight. It takes work, dedication, determination...blah, blah, blah.

Let's be real. Success comes from shaking up shit and going outside the box!

The Grind Factory Studios had done just that. Known for its competitive pricing and 24/7 availability to accommodate client needs, the company broke the rules, closing its doors to outside sessions for the first time and focused on one thing: grinding.

The 48-hour Lock-In with core members of the Grind Factory Team had one mission: create new tracks to expand the catalog with fresh, hot music for industry placement, and theme songs for Grind Time ATL podcasts other projects. No genre was left untouched. Team members collaborated on song concepts, individual tracks, and turned a simple joke into a freestyle brainstorming session for product jingles.

Watching the team dedicate their time to spend two days working to fulfill the goal of the studio’s owner, KTEK, was a testament to the passion to be found among a group of talented producers, engineers, songwriters, and artists. The team also received support from producers and artists who were unable to participate as they stopped in to listen to completed tracks, give feedback, and share their creative energy. At one time, there were over twenty people in the building!

A family working to reach the same goal, the group split into two teams; the producers, and the songwriters/artists. No one worked alone. Producers, M5 and LB Keys, dug in creating tracks from scratch. LB Keys, excited about the event, began to live-stream his work sessions on Facebook for days leading up to the start of the lock-in, during the event, and beyond.

The songwriter/artists were seven people deep in the main room listening to virgin tracks, free-styling, and collaborating to develop concepts for the songs. It was truly inspirational to listen to the music and watch firsthand as one person’s random outburst of a possible hook went from an idea to a full-fledged song that was recorded, and put in the queue to become a future hit…all within less than two hours.

Just because the team works hard doesn't mean there aren't moments of complete foolery. Lady Kayne broke away from recording to film a Party Team Quickie...at 2:30 in the morning!

Determined to keep people on their toes and not let them get distracted or lose their steam, KTEK was in full boss mode, bouncing from engineer, to producer, and back again. He wore every hat he has in the business. He even jumped into the booth to put his sauce on the soon to be hit, Big Boss Shit.

The success of this two day event means this won't be the last time it happens! The team was so lit by the creative energy and songs completed, a few members continued to work several days beyond the lock-ins scheduled 48-hours.

Where will all of this hard work lead? Stay tuned to find out!

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