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New Releases and Media Material Coming from The Grind Factory Studios!

The Grind Factory Studios will release its first official compilation and first official video during the first quarter of 2022. During the last weeks of 2021, Grind Factory artists added over twenty new songs to its ever-growing catalog covering multiple genres of music. Upcoming New Release Singles include ‘Frenemies’ by KTEK featuring Swavatar Jack and ‘Run it Up Sus’ by Lady Kayne.

‘Frenemies’ opens with a theatrical score made for the big screen and features powerful storytelling lyrics. ‘Run It Up Sus’ features a hard-hitting bassline guaranteed to set the mood for a night out at the club. More audio and video releases to come.

Follow KTEK, Swavatar Jack, and Lady Kayne on your favorite music app to hear their current catalog. Follow The Grind Factory Studios website and on social media for future updates.


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