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Sessions at the Factory

I've had the privilege of sitting in on recording sessions with The Grind Gang for six and a half years. I witnessed the evolution of their talent, skills, and creativity during that time. Watching the creation of the tracks as a stream of hypnotic beats blares over the speakers, filling the room with a sound that speaks to your soul, is a memorable experience! KTEK and Swavatar Jack have worked together for over ten years. During that time, their relationship has gone from producer and artist to both being lyricists, each with a unique flow. But put them together, and the energy and lyrical banter is indescribable! If a beat speaks to them, they will freestyle an entire song on the spot! New concepts, hot hooks, and full verses flow as if they'd been working on the piece for days instead of the inspiration that hits them within seconds of hearing the first notes of the beat. It's watching magic happen!

Recently I sat in on a session with KTEK and Swavatar Jack when they invited Andrew Vilar, a guitarist from Naoma and the Sundaze, a local Atlanta band. The meeting became a jam session when tracks slated for an upcoming project were played. Andrew pulled out his guitar and connected with the flow. Watching him slide into the music, strumming his guitar, and adding his take as each track played, took the sound to a new level! He'd never heard the beats before, yet he complimented each one. KTEK and Swavatar Jack freestyled the concepts they created. The result was an epic session and a preview of what a collaboration could produce!

Alternative Music on another level.

Watch the video, and you'll see what I mean!

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