Certified and Approved



KTEK has built a reputation in the industry as a Producer, Audio Engineer, and Musician for over 21 years. He's taken his formidable skills and established a career as an artist, creating music that spans the categories of Alternative Rap, Jazz, EDM, and Pop. Regardless of what genre he chooses, the messages found in his music are clear, his delivery style ever-evolving, engaging listeners with every track he blesses.



Artist/Song Writer

ITS MUNN got his start in the industry as a teen writing lyrics for artists. An entertainer at heart, he brings an energy to the Grind Gang that can't be topped, giving every performance, whether on stage or in the booth, his all. His love of music and words can be found in every song he pens. Regardless of what genre he writes, each song bears a piece of his soul, making the lyrics powerful and each track memorable. 

Soulo Nonsolum


Soulo Nonsolum is a lover of R&B and Soul, but when it comes to working in the studio, he's able to put his touch on any genre. Soulo is an Avatar, able to bend soundwaves as he engineers your session and brings your project to life. Always on the grind, he is ready to work around your schedule, 24/7.


Graphic Designer/Photographer

Ready to take your project to the next level? Our in-house,  graphic designer has an amazing ability to see and work outside the box.  Trained at the Art Institute of Atlanta, Jada can bring your brand to life by creating custom logos, unique album covers, engaging lyric videos, and so much more.

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Lady Kayne spent years listening to her favorite singers and rappers on the radio, even writing her own lyrics to the tracks of her favorite songs. When she got the chance to jump in the booth to record, she took it. Wicked with the pen, and hot on a track, Lady Kayne rivals the hottest females on the radio with a style that is all her own. 

Swavatar Jack


Swavatar Jack is a seasoned artist whose pen-game and voice are part of the Grind Factory Legacy. As an artist, he’s recorded hundreds of hours of songs, and written thousands of lyrics. His love of music drives him to help others build successful careers in the industry. Swavatar Jack serves as A&R for The Grind Factory, using his experience as an artist to mold raw talent.  



Studio Technician/Producer

2KAY is a young up and coming Producer whose brings a hot new sound to the Grind. Multi-talented, he can record your session, or create a new track. 2Kay can also help with your social media and promotional needs. From videos to pictures, and creating cartoons for social media, he's got you.


Artist/ Makeup Artist/Photographer

In-house artist, ElikaHyung, is ready to make your project stand apart from the rest, no matter the canvas. From custom artwork and cartoons to creating a personalized look for your photoshoot, she will have you looking and feeling your best.

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Marketing/Media Director

Best selling Amazon author, M.J.Kane brings a different pen to the grind. As a writer, she uses her skills to create unique content to support the Grind Gang online media. Build your brand through well-written social media content, or sell your music and increase show bookings with an EPK that showcases your grind. Whatever option you choose, she will tell your story.