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Locked-In and Fully Loaded!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Life teaches us that when you do something new, and it works, do that shit again!

The Grind Factory Studios steps outside the box when it comes to the way we make music in the ATL. From a business model that rivals the biggest in the industry to the way we produce, mix and master tracks, Indie artists from around the ATL and beyond travel far and wide to take advantage of the benefits The Grind Factory offers 24/7.

Unless it's a lock-in weekend, that is.

The first lock-in was a massive success and went beyond the planned 48-hours and lasted for two more days! During that time, nineteen tracks were written and recorded!

But the grind doesn't stop when the team leaves the building.

Grind Gang 24/7 is the motto!

Grind Factory team members accompanied Swavatar Jack on an overnight trip to Cleveland, Ohio, to participate in the Bar4Bar Battle League. The team drove a 20-hours round trip, but they weren't just riding; they were grinding! Over 15 concept songs were conceived during the Riding Lock-In. The work put into that trip laid the foundation for a second lock-in.

The Grind Factory Lock-In Deuce started with Swavatar Jack and ITS MUNN writing to a new beat. In-house Grind Time Radio ATL show, Major Shenanigans, hosted by Lady Kayne, did an abbreviated show to put time and resources into prepping the studio and team for the next few days. By 11 PM, the grind machine was in full effect in both studios, and not a team member was left waiting!

Multitasking was the theme of the night. If an artist was ready to record, they hopped into the booth. Artists set to be on a different track, listened to their chosen beat, and wrote lyrics in preparation for their turn in the booth. Swavatar Jack, aka Swavatar Ike, played his role as the taskmaster, making sure everyone stayed on their grind, from writing lyrics to making sure the artist was comfortable with what they prepared (or the songs he'd written for them). Then it was time to record. JayJerkin oversaw recording and production.

Because of well-oiled gears, the machine ground out four original songs written and recorded in six hours, and man, are they hot!

Eighteen hours into the first 24 hours are history…

What will the team accomplish next? Stay tuned to find out!

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