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Saying It For The People!

The results of the presidential election of 2016 have left the world rocking for nearly a year. Trump's political career has put a nation that once felt as if it had reached some form of racial, political, and social balance on the brink of destroying everything the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. fought for. While true equality has never been met, things did improve. Though racism has never disappeared, improvements have been made to allow a sense of balance for nearly sixty years.

But not anymore.

The 2016 trail to the White House changed the state of America.

Bigotry, hatred, and racism have lost its shade of anonymity and resurfaced to fuel a resurgence of blatant attacks of hatred for the color of one’s skin, the nation of origin, political affiliations, and choice of sexual orientation. Social media has brought the rise of reported instances of police brutality out of the hood and into mainstream America due to people’s ability to broadcast in real-time instances of nation-wide of police officers knowingly making use of unnecessary force, killing black men for non-violent crimes. Nearly all have escaped justice.

Every day there is a headline involving the president of the United States latest comments and tweets- some on the verge of insanity. The nation’s comments about the matter have become a source of laughter, spurred social commentary, and the use of the fifth amendment, such as this Texas woman, Karen Fonseca, who decided to let America and voters know how she feels about the president.

Inspired by what is going on in the world, a conversation during a recent lock-in at The Grind Factory resulted in the creation of a song that is sure to voice the thoughts and opinions of Americans, like Karen, in two simple words…

The Grind Factory’s own KTEK stepped into the booth and put those thoughts to music, recording a single that is sure to become the catalyst of many conversations in the days to come. “FUCK TRUMP” is a no-holds-barred statement voicing anger felt among the races and those who are unsatisfied with the way our country is being run.

Recently, The Grind Gang accompanied the "President of East Point", KTEK, when he debuted the single at The Gym @ Benefield's Bar and Grill. Watching the mixed crowd’s reaction to this unexpected statement is a testament to the power of the lyrics and artist delivery. Once the crowd got over the shock, their reactions were caught on tape, resulting in exactly what the song is expected to do.

Click here to learn more about KTEK, and keep up with upcoming performances, then FOLLOW and SHARE!

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