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Locked-In and Fully Loaded Deuce

Day two of the Grind Factory Lock-In Deuce…has the grind stopped?

Hell no! The name says it all!

The wheels have been grinding, churning, and spitting out more hot tracks and verses for over eleven hours. During that time, the Grind Gang has written and recorded eight tracks before taking a few hours of much-deserved downtime. Some members crashed on couches, while others opted not to sleep (Grind Gang 24/7...who needs sleep!) and took the time to listen to the next tracts set to be used, or cleared their head by watching TV or going for a walk.

The downtime didn’t last for long.

In full work mode, the team was on target, no longer working between two rooms, but instead gathering in the main studio to record. The wheels on the machine were running so smooth that they were writing, recording, and playing back damn near one new song every two hours!

The formula continued to work for a majority of the day until late in the evening when several members had to leave to handle other business. The lose of creative energy didn’t stop the ones left behind. Swavatar Jack took an hour to hang out one of the podcasts filmed and recorded at the Factory on Grind Time Radio ATL, It's Lit! with M.J. Kane. It was a perfect place to share his experiences as a song composer, shout out the Grind House Battle League, and announce that he is now offering Songwriter Sunday’s, his songwriting camp classes for anyone who wants to make their pen game strong.

Then it was back to the grind. By six am, the remaining team members had brought the number of completed songs to nineteen in less than 48 hours! A true Grind Factory Lock-In record!

Six hours to go until we’ve reached the full forty-eight…

How will it end? Stay tuned to find out!

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