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Lock-In 5: New Blood

The wheels at the Grind Factory never quit. Though now and again a new gear is added to the machine and put to work. Welcome to Lock-in 5.

This weekend, groups who recorded here in the past were invited to get a taste of what it means to be lock-in. It's not about being at the studio for hours and hanging out with friends. It's a whole nother mentality. A whole nother work ethic. It's having your team locked-in and vibing together to get your project completed.

Artists who took advantage of this rare opportunity included TPGOE and Lit Siddy; all clocked in, put in work, excited to be a part of the lock-in. Here's a sample of that vibe...

​When you got the sauce, everyone wants to get a taste.

The moment team members of The Grind Factory Studios started sharing pictures and live streaming lock-in sessions on the Grind Factory Facebook page or even their private pages, questions got asked.

'What do you do?' 'How does it work?' 'Can we do it?'

Want to use the experience to get your project done? Book one of these Lock-In Session packages for you and your team and start your grind!

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