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#F@ck Trump Gets Crunk at SXSW 2018!

The moment the Grind Gang arrived in Austin, Texas for the mega SXSW event, they hit the ground running. Those in the game know when you're about business, you arrive early and stay late! After checking into their King Suite, the crew rested before heading out for the night, hitting up the food vendors and checking in at various hot spots and making connections.​

Before leaving the ATL, KTEK connected with Karen Fonseca, aka, Ms. Fuck Trump. Most of you may know her as the woman arrested back in November for expressing her feelings about the president and his supporters on the back of her truck. Karen went a step further and created a huge sign she proudly displays when attending events. She has received requests to bring her Fuck Trump sign to rallies across the U.S.! To aid her in her endeavor, she created a Go Fund Me page where supporters can donate money to help her make those trips.

The group set up on a street corner with her sign and shirts for several hours. It didn’t take long for them to get noticed by the thousands of people walking by. People stopped to meet Karen and thank her for speaking up for the people! Thousands of pictures were taken with the sign, while people walking by also shouted their support. By the end of the day, Karen sold out of all of her F-Trump merchandise!

The highlight of the trip was when KTEK, supported by the Lt., ITS MUNN, performed the song in front of the crowd, not once, but twice! Hundreds of people recorded it on their phones and joined in the performance.

March 27th marked the World-Wide Release of the single, FUCK TRUMP! Look for it on your favorite music platform! LISTEN, LIKE, DOWNLOAD, and SHARE!

Watch the unofficial video for FUCK TRUMP which was filmed that day!

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