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#ArtistOnTheGrind: ITS MUNN


“It’s me. I need no introduction.”

IT’S MUNN, aka the Lieutenant Governor of East Point, is no stranger to music. His journey started as a member of his church’s Youth Choir and later led to signing with his uncle’s record label, O’Damn Records, at the age of fifteen. During that time he gained experience as a songwriter, using his life experiences and those around him as inspiration for his lyrics. From the loss of family and friends to bad business deals, he has seen it all. Because of his experiences, he has reinvented himself personally, and as an artist.

IT’S MUNN is by no means a typical Hip Hop artists. His music and songwriting skills have crossed various genres, from Old School R&B to Country, his ability to experiment with his songwriting skills have made him a valuable member of the Grind Gang. Regardless of what genre of music he writes, his talent shines through songs he’s written for himself, and for other artists, creating lyrics that sound as if they were written by the artists themselves.

Music isn’t all he does, though. Recently, IT’S MUNN stepped out of his comfort zone and into the world of Battle Rap and has represented the Grind House Battle League based of The Grind Factory Studios. He’s quickly made a name for himself as a competitor to be feared. He’s battled in the A.H.A.T Battle League and looks forward to continuing to build his reputation for the Grind House Battle League Team.

Check out his latest release, HELL ARE YOU DOIN on Soundcloud!

Connect with IT'S MUNN on Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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