Studio Etiquette and Standard Prices

The most affordable prices in the city! 

In order for us to best serve your needs, we have a few important factors we would like for you to keep in mind:


  • Be on Time

  • Be Prepared

  • Bring a form of payment

  • Bring Media storage...flash drive hard phones!

Bundled Packages

Bundled package prices determined on a project by project basis. All fees will be based on the standard room rate times the number of hours.

A Room- base rate: $50.00/hr
B Room- base rate: $35.00/hr
C Room- base rate: $25.00/hr

Studio A

Consists of our flagship console Digi C24, Both Mac and PC recording capability. Live Instrument tracking, Mixing and Mastering. 

Studio B

Consists of our most tried and trusted Digidesign 002, 003 Rack and Console, Hybrid PC with ProTools, FL Studio.

Studio C

Houses our flexible setup for additional live tracking. Small ISO booth for vocal tracking.


Lock-In Packages

4-Hour Block: $225.00

8-Hour Block: $450.00

24-Hour Block: $850.00

48-Hour Block: $1500.00