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Lady Kayne's Rap Storytime
Books-to-Beats Literacy Initiative

The Quarantine of 2020 left many jobless; Lady Kayne was one of them. The world turned to social media to encourage one another through the medical, racial, social, and political changes society was going through. Lady Kayne realized children stuck at home had to be bored, so she played around with the idea of rapping a story to a popular beat. She chose her favorite Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, and recorded Sam I Am to the beat of The Box Beat, Produced by C-Steezee, recorded by Roddy Ricch. She shared the clip on social media and earned likes from parents who enjoyed dancing to the lyrics of the stories with their kids. It also caught the Clayton County Library System's eye and earned her the opportunity to create a featured program as part of their 2020 Imagine Your Story Summer Reading Program.

She was later invited to share Lady Kayne's Rap Storytime during the Clayton County Learning Spaces Pop Up Literacy Campaign. United Way of Atlanta Learning Spaces and the library have partnered to share an early learning initiative designed for caregivers, childcare providers, and children birth to five years old. The program is held at four library branches and is free to the community. The program follows social distancing safety guidelines and has sessions inside and outdoors. Children and parents participate in activities that encourage literacy, physical activity, and more. Click here to find a Learning Spaces location near you.


Lady Kayne's Rap Storytime's goal is to encourage young listeners to develop a love of reading. Statistics show that a newborn learns the most during the first three years. Combining music and storytelling create familiarity with the words. As children get older and begin to read, the words they learn through music stimulate word recognition. Music combined with children's stories is a fun way for families to add literacy and music to their educational routine. 


Book Lady Kayne's Rap Storytime for your next family-friendly event! 

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