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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

GAMBLE YO GRIND has upped the stakes to the ULTIMATE PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!

Enter with nothing and leave with $100.00 CASH, STUDIO TIME at THE GRIND FACTORY STUDIOS, a LABEL DEAL with GRIND FACTORY THE LABEL, and a CAR!!!

No matter how much money you invest in yourself as an Artist or Producer, there’s one thing that can keep your GRIND from seeing results.

Public transportation, UBER, and LYFT, or getting a ride from your best friend can help, but it also costs. Balancing money between studio time, gas and bills or being late or having to cancel a performance or recording session because your ride fell through can keep you from being successful.

The Grind Factory understands the struggle of those committed to the GRIND. To support your hustle, The GRIND FACTORY, GRIND FACTORY the LABEL, and various Sponsors have partnered up to award the hardest working artist or producer with the one thing they need most to succeed: A CAR!

GAMBLE YO GRIND is an Artist Showcase and Producer Beat Battle that gives you


Platinum Grand Prize Package: Signed to Grind Factory, The Label, and win a FREE CAR!!!* (*County Tax Paid, Title Free and Clear)

1st PLACE PACKAGE: $100 CASH PRIZE, 24-Hours studio time at The Grind Factory Studios, Two (2) singles and EP release, music video release, & radio/magazine interview

2nd PLACE PACKAGE: 8-HOURS studio time at The Grind Factory Studios, EP release, & radio/magazine interview

3rd PLACE PACKAGE: 4-HOURS studio time at The Grind Factory Studios, One (1) single release, & radio/magazine interview

Artists/Producers can enter two ways!

Bring 5 Supporters:

Each supporter pays the general admission fee of $10.00, and you perform for FREE!



This is the NON-SUPPORTED Artist/Producer Entry Fee Ticket, One (1) ticket for Artist/Producer Only!


*Due to the overwhelming interest in the event, we have moved to a private location. Participants and attendees will be notified of the details before the date of the event.

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