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Who Took KTEK’s MONEY???

KTEK and Lady Kayne took to social media to challenge Artists, Producers, and DJ's to put their money where their mouth is, invest in themselves and GAMBLE for the opportunity to take KTEK's money!

People responded, and GAMBLE YO GRIND was a success!

While the event was open to Artists, Producers, and DJs, this round of participates featured a Producer and an Artist. They didn't come to play! It was just what industry judges, Dem Damn Twins from Vibrant Sounds Radio on iHeart Radio, were looking for. They were not disappointed!

GAMBLE YO GRIND was open to participants of all ages, so it was no surprise when sixteen-year-old Producer, The Questionizer, stepped up when his name was called. This young man brought the heat with a beat that switched gears so fast it took the audience by surprise and had everyone bobbing their heads! He proved that when it comes to music, age has nothing to do with the quality of the track. It comes from the willingness to put in the GRIND it takes excellent feedback!

Taj Mack didn't come to play, either! New to Atlanta by way of New York, he was unsure of how his Northern style would fair in the Dirty South, but regardless, he was confident in his skills. He not only entered his music as a Producer, he DOUBLED his GAMBLE by registering as an Artist, too! A significant risk to take, especially when it was his FIRST TIME entering a competition! Taj Mack brought a sound so fresh that KTEK

freestyled on the track, and he'd never heard it before! And when it came to the Artist's side, his lyrics and delivery brought a new voice and message that melds to the Grind Factory motto: DIFFERENT ON PURPOSE!

This round of the GAMBLE YO GRIND entrants won big!

The INDUSTRY FEEDBACK from Celebrity Radio personalities, Dem Dam Twins, was not only helpful, they now have industry contacts and a chance to have their music played on the radio.

The also received LIVE FEEDBACK from an audience who had no problem letting the participants know what they liked. Getting that type of energy from the crowd is worth more than its weight in gold!

The Questionizer and Taj Mack gambled, and walked away with what no doubt has to be the most coveted award of the night! An opportunity to have their track published by Grind Factory The Label as well as walked away with $100 of KTEK's CASH MONEY!

When it comes to the GRIND, it pays to take a chance and GAMBLE ON YOURSELF!

The Grind Gang ended the show by performing their latest hits. KTEK and ITS MUNN shared a yet to be released 'ON TOP OF THE WAVE,' followed by KTEK's single, 'LIFE.' Lady Kayne ended the event as the Featured Artist with her newly released singles, 'I'M A BOSS' and a sneak peek of a new track, 'I LIKE.' Her latest release, 'FOR DA MONEY,' had everyone out of their seat!

Thanks to guest DJ Queen Sheba for keeping the event jumping and blessing the room with her mindblowing poetry! And big thanks to DJ Hustlemanradio from Vibrant Sounds Radio for backing the Grind Gang on stage!

With ROUND 1 of GAMBLE YO GRIND in the record books, The Questionizer and Taj Mack have secured their spot in the competition to win the ULTIMATE GAMBLE YO GRIND GRAND PRIZE…A CAR!

Follow The Grind Factory Studios on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, then follow The Questionizer and Taj Mack and watch as they join the Grind Factory Familia! Interviews featuring both artists are coming soon!

Now, are YOU ready to put your money where your mouth is and take that chance with your GRIND?

ARTISTS, PRODUCERS, AND DJ'S!!! The next GAMBLE YO GRIND event will be coming soon! Follow the Grind Factory Don't miss YOUR chance to WIN BIG!!!

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