• M.J. Kane

The Pay Off...

Hard work pay.s off

After several twenty-four-hour lock-in’s, (in one case it went two days longer!), the Grind Gang has accomplished exactly what it set out to do; create a catalog of new music for industry placement and multiple artists!

Now that the hard, yet fun, work is done, does that mean the team rests?

Come on now, I thought you knew!


The most recent lock-in took on a new direction and focused on the behind the scenes work of administration.

Time was spent reviewing the work done during the past two lock-ins (over 90 tracks), creating split sheets to ensure that every team member's work was correctly documented and so that everyone received their industry credits. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into making hours of creativity and hard work turn into a check. We do real business around here.

Next, come planning and continued artist development. EP lineups, video shoots, and so much more.

But music is not all that comes out of The Grind Factory!

Have you tuned in to Grind Time Radio ATL?

For the past year, Grind Time Radio ATL has been the home of several online podcasts. Leading the lineup is Really Real Thursday’s a weekly radio show hosted by Pritty Tigger. Get to know some of the hottest underground artists to be found in the ATL every Thursday by tuning into Grind Time Radio ATL on Spreaker.com, iTunes, and iHeart Radio.

Want to get your laugh on at the end of a busy week? Then Major Shenanigans is for you! Hosted by Lady Kayne and her co-host, M.J., these ladies are guaranteed to make you laugh on this family-friendly show! It’s the perfect place to grab a drink, sit back, and listen to the gossip, the shenanigans, and the fun. This show is available to watch live on its Facebook page. It’s also available to listen in on Spreaker, iTunes, and iHeart Radio.

Want something edgier, more gritty? The Party Team is for you! Its shenanigans times one-hundred and features local artists as they come to share their new releases and upcoming projects. Sit back, pour you a good one or grab a smoke and get your party on! This show is available to watch live on its Facebook page. It’s also available to listen in on Spreaker, iTunes, and iHeart Radio.


When it comes to writing, The Grind Factory’s published author, M.J. Kane knows what she’s talking about. Its Lit! with M.J. Kane introduces you to the many talented authors, songwriters, and poets in the ATL. Get your learn on with these talented visitors! This show is available to watch live on its Facebook page. It is also available to listen in on Spreaker.

The newest show to come out of the Grind Factory is Shootin’ Da Sh!ts with Swavatar Jack and Its Munn! The title says it all! Come hang out with these artists as they talk about the industry, life, and whatever else comes to mind! Look for it to start its Facebook page and Spreaker stream soon!

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