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The #GrindQueen's Holiday Weekend was Litty!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Lady Kayne is living the truth of her song, 'I'M A BOSS'! She hit the ground running in November with four performances, a radio interview, and the release of her second single, 'FOR DA MONEY'! The last day of November proved to be her busiest day yet! The evening started by hanging out with Dem Damn Twins, 2¢Lando, and DJ Hustlemanradio on Vibrant Sounds Radio. She took the opportunity to share what she's working on, and when they played her songs, she showed off her skills by performing LIVE as 'I'M A BOSS' and 'FOR DA MONEY' played on the air! The Twins loved the music so much they played 'FOR DA MONEY' back-to-back and then wanted to hear something new!

Lady Kayne was not alone, though. The Grind Gand, KTEK and ITS MUNN, gave their shout outs and shared their support for the Grind Queen. The interview was a success, and the Grind Gang will definitely be in the building again!

The next stop was a performance at the End Of Term Indie Artists Showcase held at The Venus Flytrap and hosted by MGMGV. Shouts out to Shot MGMGV and DJ Stanc for holding it down!

What's next for the Grind Queen? Look for her Saturday, December 14th in Milledgeville, Georgia, at the Bad Santa Middle Georgia Showcase Pt. 3! Follow Lady Kayne on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks at what she's working on. You never know when she'll go LIVE and put on an impromptu show!

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