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The Grind Gets Real!

The Grind Factory is known for being THE STUDIO to go to if you are serious about making music. The no bullshit, no distractions atmosphere allows artists and engineers to focus on what they came to do; WORK. It’s a philosophy that has built a solid reputation that keeps clients coming back time and time again.

It’s a reputation built on the work the GRIND GANG has put in over the years. As a result, the payback has arrived.

For months, KTEK took to social media dropping knowledge about industry changes and how DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION is the way to go to make your grind work for you. Some have listened and jumped in, while others disbelieve. If there is one thing KTEK and The Grind Factory do best, it’s showing instead of telling. It started with the FREE DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION class held at the beginning of the summer where he shared information on how artists and producers can take their catalog of work and get their bag without signing to a label.

What has been the result of the GRIND?

In the last two months, The Grind Factory Studios has released not one, not two, but SIX MIXTAPES and a SINGLE that are filled with nothing but non-stop hits! Music featured on the mixtapes include tracks recorded in the now historic LOCK-IN SESSIONS, and FRESH NEW MUSIC featuring hot tracks from NEW PRODUCERS! The music, pushed through the DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION channels KTEK spoke about can now be found on EVERY MUSIC PLATFORM, including PANDORA! The mixtapes feature some of the hottest tracks ever recorded in The Grind Factory by the GRIND GANG and artists both past and present. KTEK is showing love by sharing the work of talented artists whose messages and voices have never been heard before. Check out THE GRIND FACTORY PRESENTS VARIOUS ARTISTS VOL. 1-3 and SMOKED OUT. Love what you heard? Stay tuned because there are more volumes to come.

At the center of it all is the GRIND GANG, who have been holding the Grind Factory down.

Artists such as LADY KAYNE who is about to take the world of female rappers by storm with her unique lyrics, ever-evolving delivery style, and ability to not only deliver a tight hook, she can hold her own on a track! Check out her hit, IM A BOSS!

ITS MUNN brings energy to the stage every time he performs with the GRIND GANG. His lyrics range from comical to introspective. His tracks are fun and infectious, making you get up and dance the moment they come on. Check out this hot track, BACK (BIKE) featuring Lady Kayne.

KTEK is the force behind the GRIND, leading the way, keeping all the gears in tune. As a producer, he’s dropped nine instrumental EP’s. As an artist, he's released two singles, and one album, THE BOSS AND THE LEGEND, a collab with DJ Brad, as well as featured on all of the mixtapes…all since February! Check him out on YouTube and you will find he has over 310 published tracks to his name. His latest single, U DA MAN, featuring King Yoshiman, speaks the truth!


Now it's time to take the new music on the road! Recent performances at Miami Live! in Miami Beach and at The Spot (Wynwood) in Miami, introduced a new sound that is nothing like the Dirty South style expected from the ATL and took the crowd by surprise.

D.O.P.......Different On Purpose is the GRIND GANG'S motto and rings true every time they hit the stage. Watching the GRIND GANG live isn't watching a show, it's a performance, and the feedback is amazing!

Now the GRIND GANG is about to take over Indian Trail, North Carolina Labor Day Weekend! The three-day weekend event will be at a private location, but it’s guaranteed to be EPIC! Who will be crowned Queen of the Mic? Who will be King? My money is on Lady Kayne and KTEK!

LOCK-IN to the Grind Factory BEHIND THE GRIND blog to see what happens!

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