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The Grind Factory Goes Hollywood!

The Grind Factory Studios in East Point, Georgia is known to provide the best services in town for your money. Now you can add film location to that list! Not only has a part of the studio been used to film scenes, two of the #GrindFamilia’s artists are in the movie!

For the past few weeks, the building that houses The Grind Factory Studios and various areas around it, have been used in the filming of a new movie, ‘Scott Free’. The film stars Columbus Short (Stomp the Yard, Scandal), Felicia Pearson (Snoop) and Tray Chaney (Poot) from ‘The Wire’. The film was written by @Fredason (whose home base is located in the building with The Grind Factory) and directed by Brent Duncan.

The production crew and actors have been getting their grind on in true fashion, taking over the building, the parking lot, and parts of the surrounding neighborhood. Nearly every day the front parking lot has been filled with star trailers, catering, and of course the actors themselves. Periodic run-ins with the movie director and cast were just a matter of going to the public bathroom or getting to your car.

Watching it all go down has been an experience, to say the least, but becoming a part of it all was even better. KTEK was approached a few weeks ago and asked if an interior scene could be shot inside of The Grind Factory Studios suite. He obliged, stating he was “Glad to see everyone in the building coming together. I look forward to working together on future projects.” When the time came, filming started in the suite across the hall where a volley of ‘gunshots’ could be heard. A knock on the studio door found @Fredason and Columbus Short saying they were ready to film a scene on our side of the building. The buildings front entrance was back lite with a red glow leaving a foreboding feel. Add in the dark, unique hallway that the director said ‘looked really cool’ and the stage was set. KTEK was asked to stand in to add more depth to the scene, thus getting a cameo spot in the film!

Next came a big moment for one of the #GrindFamilia. ITS MUNN (aka the Lt. Governor aka HollyHood) filmed his big scene where his character is played opposite of Tray Chaney. It was with great pride that the #GrindFamilia stood outside and watched it all go down! When asked how he got the role, he said “My talent, my passion, my dedication…the fact that they see me on set every day even though I go to work; its’ the real Grind Team.” Though the scene was short, his portrayal impressed the director so much he was later approached and asked to film an additional scene because the character needed a bigger presence in the film! Needless to say, the answer was yes! When asked how he felt about rubbing shoulders with such big names in the industry he said, “It feels good, I’m proud of myself.”

#ScottFree is slated to come out 2019. Stay tuned for that announcement!

What’s next for the #GrindFamilia? A video shoot! Look for ‘200 ON DA DASH’ by KTEK, coming soon!

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