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The Formula For A New Grind

Writing and recording a new song can be a daunting process. First, there's selecting a track, then deciding what the song will be about. If you're not the only artist recording on it, you have to collaborate with others to stay on theme. Then there's writing it...practicing it...recording, and playback.

Some artists will spend hours selecting a track, get into arguments with their fellow artist on the concept, and hours writing. And recording? That can take hours, too!

But is not how the Grind Gang operates. 

From the first lock-in, KTEK made it known hard work is expected every time artist arrive in the building. Time is precious and not to be wasted. Vibing is the name of the game. Every artist is expected to be locked into working independently or as a team, depending on what type of songwriting goals have been established for the weekend. 

Six lock-ins later and the gang has gotten a rhythm of working with each other down so well that they come to The Grind Factory on non-lock-in weekends and use the same work ethic. On average, artists will discover a new track, catch the vibe, write, practice, and record an entire song in two hours! Oh yeah...the recording is done in less than five takes, too...we're talking lyrics, adlibs, everything!

Watch these artists as they catch the vibe, write, record, and celebrate their success, time after time!

KTEK and Deda Boo

Lady Kayne

Lady Kayne, Deda Boo, and KTEK

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