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The Boss and the Legend Take Over SXSW 2019!

KTEK and The Grind Factory have officially made its mark in the music industry! KTEK traveled to Austin, Texas for the third year in a row to the SXSW 2019 Music Festival. Each year’s trip has been more productive than the last with a goal set, met, and exceeded!

Last year KTEK pushed his then newly-released single 'F*CK TRUMP' and made some noise a street-side performance which became an unofficial video. Since then the song has had over 500, 000 plays alone! Have you heard the remix, 'STILL F*CK TRUMP'? If not, check it out!

This year the Big Boss was backed by the World Famous DJ Brad who is a legend in the music industry! Here are a few highlights from the trip!

Their first stop was at the Lux Lounge for the Meet the DJs event hosted by Makin’ It Magazine, where DJ Brad was one of the featured DJs. It was standing room only as music lovers jumped at the opportunity to mix and mingle with club, radio, and mixtape DJs from across the county. The event included performances by BeatKing, Big Sant, Scotty ATL, Wise II, and OTB Fastlane.

Next, the Grind Gang accompanying DJ Brad to the anticipated Media Matters Panel hosted by Makin’ It Magazine. The panel which, featured DJ Brad and other industry professionals, was a chance for artists to perform and be critiqued for their music, performance, and brand. Bloggers, radio shows, and magazines were also there to cover the event.

Even when grinding the Grind Gang finds ways to have fun, and they found it at Lazy Daze-Austin and the Cannilympics! The challenge was to establish a Toke and Hold Champion and started at 4:20. KTEK easily out-smoked the competition! When the champion arrived and saw who he was up against, he stepped aside leaving KTEK as the last man standing! Shout out to Denocka Wardrick and H.E.M.P. Hop Magazine for capturing this video!

​A showcase followed and KTEK was in his element as he performed his hit ‘200 ON DA DASH’ and ‘DEAD FRESH’. The highlight of the night came when DJ Brad joined KTEK on stage for an EXCLUSIVE performance of 'ATL MAFIA'! The single, which will be the first release from the highly anticipated 'THE BOSS AND THE LEGEND' EP, is a collaboration between the Boss, KTEK, and the Legend, DJ Brad. While they have collaborated on several singles in the past year, recording this EP and the performance during the biggest music festival in the country was DJ Brad putting his official stamp on KTEK, the artist!

DJ Brad has worked with some of the top names in the music industry. KTEK joins the ranks of Pastor Troy, JT Money, Young Dro, Fabo, 8Ball, and Big Krit.

​Look for 'THE BOSS AND THE LEGEND', coming soon!

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