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Sign Yo Grind: FREE Digital Distribution Workshop!

Are you frustrated with the way your career is going? You have a catalog of work, and have dropped mixtapes and albums, but are making no money? Uploading to sites such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, and Spotify are great…but are you earning a check?

Hoping to catch a labels eye, get signed, and collect royalties is a thing of the past. LABEL DEALS NO LONGER EXIST!

The future of music is in DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION!

Did you know your music can earn money from uses that have nothing to do with EP sales and single plays?

Learn how to PUBLISH and release your music through DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION channels without the ‘middle man’! YOU, the artists, the producer, the creator can MAKE MONEY that comes straight to you!


The earning possibilities are UNLIMITED!

Those who attend have a shot at earning a FREE DISTRIBUTION DEAL!!!

To learn more, be there!

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The Grind Factory Studios

2706 Harris Street

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East Point, Ga. 30344

Ph: 678-435-7321

Email: thegrindfactoryco@gmail.com