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Results of the 2019 Unlimited Grind

Unlimited: (adjective)- 1) not limited, unrestricted, unconfined

2) boundless; infinite, vast

3) without any qualification or exception, unconditional

The focus for 2019 was UNLIMITED. The Grind Gang went into the year with the intention of growing as a studio, releasing fresh music, and developing its artists. What were the results?

Hard work, focus, and determination lead to history-making and life-changing events during 2019 that have shaped a new direction for the GRIND FACTORY!

The year started with the GRIND QUEENS, Lady Kayne, and Deda Boo, performing at Vinyl @ Center Stage, which was the official introduction to Lady Kayne as an independent artist.

March found the Grind Gang at SXSW with DJ Brad. Industry connections were made, and KTEK and DJ Brad performed ‘ATL MAFIA,’ a sneak peek at a track from their album collab, ‘THE BOSS AND THE LEGEND.’ The album release party was a success and received terrific feedback from the audience.

KTEK, whose name means King Teaching Everyone Knowledge, did just that in May by hosting a workshop at the Morrow Library in Morrow, Georgia. SIGN YO GRIND educated artists on how to publish their music through digital distribution on their own without the hassles of a traditional record deal. They also learned how to use their existing music catalogs to multiply their revenue streams.

August was a hot month and signified the intensity of which the GRIND was about to hit!

Labor Day Weekend was spent performing in Indian Trail, North Carolina, during the Queen and King of the Mic event. KTEK, Lady Kayne, and ITS MUNN performed the hot track, ‘SWIPE, SWIPE,’ which can be found on the Grind Factory Presents Grind Gang compilation. Lady Kayne debuted her single, ‘FOR DA MONEY.’ That was followed up with an invite to Vibrant Sounds Radio, where ‘I’M A BOSS’ was played on air!

Next, the Grind Factory Studios claimed their spot in the music scene in Atlanta by starting GRIND FACTORY THE LABEL! Armed with the knowledge and ability to publish and distribute music without the restrictions of industry standards, they took that offer to the streets by hosting the first round of GAMBLE YO GRIND. The event gave Artists, Producers, and DJ’s the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is. The event yielded two winners, The Questionizer and Taj Mack, who walked away with feedback from industry professionals, $100.00 cash, and access to the Grind Factory Studios.

KTEK has been hard at work behind the scenes setting up the label and publishing singles, mixtapes, and albums from the Grind Factory's unlimited catalog. The releases feature instrumentals from KTEK, the Producer, as well as singles and collaborations featuring KTEK, Lady Kayne, ITS MUNN, and a host of other artists and producers. Hundreds of artists have worked with KTEK and recorded at the GRIND FACTORY over the years which means there is more to come!

The final quarter of 2019 has seen the release of 'SUMNELSE', 'LIFE,' and ‘OH, I,from KTEK. His latest, TALK TO YA’, is from the sophomore album release, ‘ME, MYSELF, AND I’ is coming at the top of 2020! Stay tuned for details!

Lady Kayne spent November and December racking up multiple performances and another radio show visit to promote her singles, ‘FOR DA MONEY’ and ‘I’M A BOSS.’ She’s been hard on the grind in the streets and in the booth. Look for her first album release coming in 2020!

2019 did indeed show that the GRIND CAN BE UNLIMITED!!!

The Grind Gang enters 2020 filled with experience. Armed with tools and knowledge, the grind has been elevated.

A New Grind.

New Music.

A New Label…

It’s on.

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