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New Music Is Taking Over The Grind Factory!

As 2018 comes to a close, The Grind Factory is reaping the results of hard work put in since the day its doors opened. This year has seen the official release of a lot of new music. From ‘THE GRIND FACTORY LOCK-IN VOL. 1’ (Compilation EP, March), the controversial ‘FUCK TRUMP’ by KTEK (Single, March), 'REINCARNATION' by DeeJay Dana (EP, July), and the ‘PIT BOSS’ by KTEK (EP, August), the Grind Gang has been busy! As a result, KTEK and The Grind Gang, have been hitting the road doing shows to promote the music.

The momentum of the grind has been infections, drawing attention to the studio and the services it has to offer. Artists, both local and out-of-state, are taking advantage of the unique recording packages we have to offer. The location, along with the laid-back atmosphere and creative energy that flows through the studio, keeps artists coming back. The introduction of a new set of producers has resulted in collaborations that have brought a spicy fusion of jazz, DJing, and live instrumentation to the mix. Add in equipment upgrades and you get a new sound!

One night had a full house band practicing for an upcoming gig. The building rocked with the rhythm of live drums, guitar, and keys, enhanced by the melodic voice of the singer.

The New Year promises to be great for those who are locked into The Grind Factory as we continue to take new steps to service all sides of the music industry. The possibilities are about to become UNLIMITED! Want to be a part of what the Grind Factory accomplishes in 2019?

Then listen to the Big Boss, KTEK...

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