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Making Big Boss Moves!

The Pit Boss is in demand! KTEK’s performance during the 2018 Sweet Auburn Springfest caught the eye of a lot of people in the ATL. Invitations to put in face time or perform across the city have come in at all times of the day and night! Supa Stars Mag Online featured in a blog written by Michelle Magee titled, “KTEK Drops Controversial New Single “F-K Trump” Guaranteed To Get People Talking.” Check it out!

Making Boss moves is KTEK’s motto. One move lead to another dream fulfilled…a chance to perform at Chit Chat Lounge in Decatur, Georgia. When he was fourteen, KTEK was curious to know what the club was about. He snuck in…and was escorted out by security. Not anymore! An invite from PBrownLive and DJ Scream to perform during the ATL Rock the Stage May Ed R&B, Pop and Hip Hop Showcase came right on time! The track “200 On Da Dash” received great crowd response and served as a warm-up to this week's event.

May 29th was one for the record books as KTEK took the stage at the historic Royal Peacock. The #GrindFamilia is all about showing support. The VIP section was filled with guests who came to be a part of the movement. They were not disappointed.

KTEK gave the audience a concert that lived up to the standards of the legends who have performed before him! People got out of their seats within seconds of the first few notes with phones in hand to live stream the entire show! Heads bobbed to the fresh new music. KTEK was not alone on stage. The World Famous DJ Brad set the tone of the show while #GrindFamilia alumni, ITS MUNN and LADY KAYNE, who made her performance debut with “Benjamins”, added their energy. 

The songs did more than entertain the crowd; they delivered deep messages. From a statement of who the Grind Factory is in “Gunz Out” to speaking out about police brutality in “Struggle These Days”, the crowd stayed locked in. The depth of the lyrics moved the host to thank KTEK and the #GrindFamilia for the quality of the music and lyrics. He even stated that “Struggle These Days” hit close to home, having lost a close friend at the hands of a police officer.

A big THANK YOU goes out to King Yoshiman aka The Cat In Da Hat Who Can Rap, who also performed last night. The back-to-back performances made it impossible for any artist to follow.

What’s up next for KTEK? Video shoots are in the works, but before that, KTEK will be a special guest during the Black Bottle Party at London’s Event Center located in Toccoa, Georgia. The event is presented by Still Runnin ENT and features Stalley of MMG as the headliner. The World Famous DJ Brad will also be in the building, keeping the party hyped! If you want to party with the #GrindFamilia, pull up and show out with us!

With so much momentum, you have to stay tuned! Follow KTEK and The Grind Factory on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Follow this link to add the tracks to your playlist!

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