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Ladies On The Grind

Since opening its doors, The Grind Factory has seen hundreds of talented artist, engineers, and producers come through to record. The same can be said for staff members’, too. But it’s the nature of the beast. As the business grows, its members must evolve and grow to keep up. Oftentimes this means stepping outside of one’s areas of expertise and learning a new skill.

Meet the ladies of The Grind Factory.

From radio shows to podcasts, to marketing and artist development, these ladies are the heart and soul of the team. After hours of working day jobs, these talented ladies show up and stay late at the studio day after day to handle their roles in making the gears of the factory turn, but that’s not all they do.

They are artists, too.

Each of these ladies is working on solo projects and is very supportive of one another’s goals. But from time to time, they join ranks and collaborate on a track. From writing lyrics for one another to singing back up, doing adlibs, or features…even stepping up to engineering a session! It’s all about supporting one another’s dreams and respecting their talent.

Take a sneak peek at the latest track they’ve made their own, then follow DJ Majorette, Deda Boo, and Lady Kayne to see what they've got happening next!

Check Grind Time Radio show Really Real Thursday's host, Prity Tiggr, as she sings along to one of her tracks! 


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