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KTEK, the "President of East Point"

Have you been following the Campaign?

Since the inaugural performance of "Fuck Trump", KTEK and The Grind Factory have been spreading the word across social media! Last week we introduced you to the origin of the song, but what about the man behind it?

Meet KTEK, the "President of East Point"...

That was just a sample. To learn more, watch this in-depth interview with the POE on The Party Team with Lady Kayne!

Stay on the Campaign Block with the President!

It’s one thing to talk about grinding, and another to do. It takes work to get what you’ve done pushed out on social media so that others outside of your immediate circle know you exist. That’s what has been happening at the Grind Factory.

"Fuck Trump" has started an online buzz. Part of getting it pushed on social media has been through a blog and social media campaign shared videos of the inaugural live performance at The Gym @ Benefield's - which was shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and IG - along with a variety of music platforms.

There's no greater reward than seeing your promo campaign get shared by another website. Shouts out to Push Power Promo for sharing a link to the song!

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