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KTEK's Got Something to Say...LISTEN!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Not many artists can step outside the box and switch up their game, switch gears and take listeners where they least expect. But you don't know KTEK. Regardless of what genre he's working on, be it R&B, Hip Hop or Alternative, he's pen skills are tight, delivery on the mic mind-blowing, and message impossible to ignore!

His latest project is going to blow your mind...

KTEK's upcoming release, 'TALK 2 YA,' will make you think long and hard about life and question what you think you know. The song is different from his previous releases and shows the diversity, heart, and soul of the man. This track is guaranteed to have listeners talking! Look for 'TALK 2 YA' on your favorite digital music platforms on Friday, December 6, 2019!

In the meantime, visit Spotify and check out This Is KTEK to listen to some of his hottest tracks! The playlist is a compilation of singles and instrumentals, giving you a sneak peek into the multiple sides of KTEK. Then, look out for his Sophmore release, 'ME, MYSELF, AND I' which is filled with hit after hit!

Follow KTEK on Facebook, Instagram, and the Behind The Grind blog on GrindFactoryStudios.com for the release date!

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