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#KayneGang...She’s BAAAAAACCCCCKKK!!!!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

That's right, #KayneGang, Lady Kayne has brought back her high energy podcasts, Major Shenanigans and The Party Team! Those who have followed LK are no strangers to the high jinks that happen on these shows!

Major Shenanigans is a fun way to destress and have some fun after a hectic workweek. You will laugh till your side hurts as she shares some of life's funniest, craziest, and 'what the???' moments found on the internet. Snack reviews, food challenges, and music round out the show. And if you're a #KayneGang rider, she'll even drop a bit of 'T' and let you know what's next for Lady Kayne. Grab your snacks, sit back, and get ready to be inspired and entertained! Major Shenanigans is streamed LIVE weekly on Facebook, Youtube, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Periscope, and iTunes!

Don't bring your grandma and send the kids to bed; it's Grown Folks Time! The Party Team is where Lady Kayne keeps it real! No topic is too heavy or too controversial to be discussed on this show! You only live once, so have some why not keep it fun and real? Music and drinks set the stage for real conversation. Grab what makes you chill and tune in! The Party Team is streamed LIVE weekly on Facebook, Youtube, Spreaker, and Periscope.

Whichever show you choose, you won't be disappointed! Let the laughs and conversation begin!

Follow Lady Kayne on Facebook to receive notices when she goes live!

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