• M.J. Kane

It's Not A Lock-In, But...

...it still had lock-in activities going on!

Remember when I said the Grind Gang had started a new way of working outside of lock-in goals? Tonight they proved yet again how far that newly acquired work ethic will go.

The evening started with an episode of The Party Team with Lady Kayne as she interviewed The Grind Factory’s own “President of East Point”, KTEK. Hot on the Campaign block, KTEK has been dropping information-filled video clips to let people know who he is, what he stands for, and what his goals are. He took the time to hold a sit down and share a bit more detail for the viewers of the show, and was it deep!

​Don't have to watch the show? Listen in on Spreaker.com!

Hit the Campaign Block with the "President of East Point!"


The Grind Factory…when one gear starts moving, the rest will follow!


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