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It's A Lock-In Take Over at the Grind Factory!

The Grind Factory is all about being different on purpose; in fact, we even have a song about it. What does that mean for the music industry? It means that we step outside of the box, take risks, and the rewards can be epic!

If you’ve heard of a ‘lock-in’, you know it’s where people agree to come together for a specific amount of time and do something as a group. My favorite definition of lock-in can be found on the Urban Dictionary online:


A group gathering where you are “locked” in a building. It may include games, movies, but never sleeping! Sleeping is for losers!

In July 2017, the Grind Factory Team challenged themselves and held its first lock-in. For 48 hours the mission was to build a catalog of fresh, hot music for industry placement. The result? Nineteen fresh tracks were written and recorded in two days! The Team, motivated by what they accomplished, repeated the process five more times over the next couple of months and created an enormous catalog that has brought some major attention to The Grind Factory Studios as well as its artists.

You know what they say…when you do something right, everybody wants to get in on it!

The Grind Factory Studios Lock-In philosophy has taken on a life of its own. Artists from around the United States have tuned in to what we are doing and want to incorporate the Lock-In Concept into their projects. Since the start of 2018, The Grind Factory has hosted seven lock-in sessions for artists who have gathered their teams and driven for hours to get here. There have been four lock-in's hosted at the studio in the last week! Each session has been a huge success! The atmosphere, the vibe, the feel of impending success has been an inspiration to each group!

What does a lock-in package include?

  • *Avid Pro Tools Certified Studio

  • *Professional video and photography services during the session

  • *Comfortable seating

  • *Clean restrooms

  • *Restaurants and gas stations in walking distance

  • *Catered meals

  • *Onsite parking

  • *Marta station in walking distance

Lock-In Services are not the only thing The Grind Factory Studios has to offer. We are a one-stop-shop to fill your needs to complete your project and prepare for marketing and promotions! Be sure to ask about our photoshoots, EPK creation, and promotional packages!

Ready to take the challenge and get your 2018 project completed?

What are you waiting for??? Book your session today!!!

Lock-In with Kelly Glow

Lock-In with AMP 100

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