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Have You Signed Yo Grind?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

“Are you ready to take your career to the next level?”

This was the question KTEK asked during the Sign Yo Grind Workshop presented by The Grind Factory Studios at the Clayton County Library Systems Morrow Branch. This was not the first time The Grind Factory brought free knowledge to the public. KTEK has a history of participating in events hosted by the Clayton County Library System, from acting as DJ during outdoor events, showcasing local artists who performed and holding multiple Music Production classes teaching the next generation how to create music with the technology available at their fingertips.

Educating and giving back to the community is one thing KTEK loves to do. So, when the opportunity arose to share his knowledge, KTEK jumped at the chance to take the message he’s been promoting on his social media pages to the community.

And what is that message?

Label deals no longer exist. The way to make money with your music is through Digital Distribution. It’s 2019, nearly everything is digital, from the way we communicate to the way you pay your bills. You don’t even have to get in a car to go to work. The ability to get what we want with the push of a few buttons has taken getting your bag to a new level. Because of this, you, the artists and producers, can take charge of your creative content and collect royalties from multiple revenue streams!

Fans no longer buy entire LPs of their favorite artists; they pick and choose their tracks. Listeners create playlists featuring songs they want to hear. They spend money paying for subscriptions to or making use of the free versions of sites such as YouTube, Spotify, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, to name a few. Artists are being paid for digital plays and downloads, not how many records they sell.

So how can you, an unknown in the industry ever expect to collect a check?

Participates learned how the publishing and distribution side of the music industry works and who collects the checks. For instance, did you know, the more control you have over the rights to your song, the more checks you can make based off of that ONE song? Imagine how much money you can make with a catalog of work, old and new? KTEK backed up the knowledge he dropped by sharing the results he’s seen from putting in the work himself. Questions and an open discussion of where various crowd members were in their careers followed.

Everyone left armed with the information they need to further their career, but, one lucky participant walked away with a FREE DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION DEAL worth $1000.00! Congratulations to J.Rich! The Grind Factory looks forward to helping him take his career to the next level!

Program participants represented a wide range of ages. From the 16-year-old teen to the grandmother who took notes, asked questions, and left intending to help her granddaughter get her music out the right way. Learning how to take control of your career instead of falling into the non-productive trap of paying your money and seeing little to no results knows no age limit!

Interested in learning how DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION can further your career? This information is for more than musicians and producers. If you create digital content of any kind, be it books, video, or audio, this information is for you!

Contact The Grind Factory at 678-435-7321 or email at to learn more. Stay connected to KTEK and The Grind Factory Studios to find out when the next workshop will be held. It’s time to Sign Yo Grind!

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