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#GrindGang Burning Up the Stage at Furnace 41!!!

#Furnace41, located in Jonesboro, Georgia, served as a stop on the TRUST THE PROCESS 2 UNDEFEATED TOUR featuring Ace Hood and Scotty ATL. Part of the tour allowed local artists to showcase their music to concert attendees making it the perfect opportunity to expand their fan base. After performing there a few weeks ago during the 3rd Annual Beatmade Festival, The #GrindGang jumped on the invitation!

The #GrindGang consists of the Boss, KTEK, the Lt, ITS MUNN, and #GrindQueens, Lady Kayne, and DedaBoo. The team was backed by the World Famous DJ Brad, who was also the deejay for artists performing on the Pit Stage. A year spent grinding out hot tracks gave the team plenty of music to choose from. The songs performed were a sampling of tracks released from The Grind Factory Studios compilation album, “LOCK-IN VOL. 1”, the recently released “PIT BOSS” by KTEK, and singles by #GrindGang artists.

When the #GrindGang shows up, they do more than sing and rap, they put on a full concert, engaging the audience from the moment they hit the stage!

With DJ Brad at the helm, the team walked on stage with a countdown, building the anticipation. “BIG BOSS SHIT”, featured on KTEK’s “PIT BOSS” album, was the perfect introduction, setting the tone for what was to come. Each #GrindGang member performed a track from their projects, serving as a personal introduction to the crowd.

The #GrindQueens, Lady Kanye, and DedaBoo stunned the audience with “MAJOR MOVES”. In an industry saturated by female artists whose songs speak of relationships, sex, money, cars, and clothes, these ladies broke the mold with a song that is sure to become an anthem for women who work hard as entrepreneurs, business owners, and are always on their grind!

“GUNZ OUT”, featuring KTEK and ITS MUNN, is the #GrindGang anthem, letting the audience know what the team is about. Next was ITS MUNN. A true showman, he gives his all every time the mic is in his hand. Past performances have him doing a feature. This time he performed the self-titled track, “ITS MUNN” and had the crowd rockin’ to the beat!

KTEK rounded out the set with fan favorites from the “PIT BOSS” album, “200 ON DA DASH” and “TRAINED TO GO”, followed by the controversial crowd-pleaser, “F@CK TRUMP”! The twenty-three-minute set came to a close with the emotional message of police brutality in “STRUGGLE THESE DAYS”.

The audience was stunned by the performance, appreciating the work put in by the team to be different from the rest. The quality of the music, the energy, the professionalism portrayed by the team, and message relayed with each song, set the #GrindGang apart from performers who went on stage ahead or after them. Fans sought them out after the show to congratulate them and talk about their favorite songs. “MAJOR MOVES” and “F@CK TRUMP” received the most accolades!

Check it out!

After a brief break, members of the team mingled with the audience and took in the performances of Scotty ATL and ACE HOOD and networked because hey, the GRIND NEVER SLEEPS!

What’s next for the #GrindGang? Want to see them live?

The next show will be at Vinyl @ Center Stage, Thursday, September 27, 2018! Doors open at 6:30 and tickets are $12.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door. Follow this link to get yours and join the #GRINDGANG as they do it again! Click here for tickets!

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