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GRIND FACTORY THE LABEL is excited to announce the release of HOME OF THE BRAVE by KTEK!

KTEK is back with a new release, straight from GRIND FACTORY THE LABEL, HOME OF THE BRAVE! KTEK goes hard as he speaks the truth about growing up in the Dirty South. The real ATLiens are going to feel themselves in this track.

HOME OF THE BRAVE is the first of many new releases set to come out of GRIND FACTORY THE LABEL. The pandemic hasn't stopped the GRIND. So much music has been recorded and produced that the label is about to drop a new release EVERY WEEK through our World-Wide Digital Distribution platform!

Watch the GRIND in action, then contact us to learn how you can have your project released with WORLD-WIDE DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION for twenty dollars!

Download HOME OF THE BRAVE, then check out other Grind Factory Releases! Follow The Grind Factory for updates for the next release!

KTEK has over twenty-one years of experience as a musician, producer, and audio engineer. An at-house studio and a dream led to a game-changing approach that became the Grind Factory Sound. As the owner of The Grind Factory Studios and Grind Factory The Label- both located in East Point, Georgia- KTEK has helped hundreds of independent artists fulfill their dream. Follow his vlog, #2MakeAMogul. Here he shares advice on investing in yourself and growing your business during this time of struggle. This, along with a catalog of music from multiple genres, is guaranteed to intrigue listeners. The response to previously released tracks, such as the controversial 'F@CK TRUMP,' has been phenomenal and has earned him the nickname of 'Mr. Fuck Trump'.

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