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Gearing Up For the #SXSW 2018 Grind!

The wheels of The Grind Factory have been working overtime!

Today marks a new release by the World Famous DJ Brad! His first single recorded at The Grind Factory, Bout A Bag, features KTEK, Majestic Royce, and King Malachi!


Now, if you are in the entertainment industry, you know about SXSW. The annual film, interactive media, and music festival combines three festivals in one, making Austin, Texas the place to be in March! Careers are jump-started here. If you’re serious about your music and want to be discovered, this is the place to be! The streets of the city being will be jam-packed with every corner a chance to perform; an opportunity to introduce your music to the world. Cameras will be everywhere! Social media is going to be lit! Put on a good show and your performance could go viral!

Last year, The Grind Factory was there. Eighteen artists piled into a Sprinter Van piloted by KTEK and hit the road. While it may have been tight in the van, when you’re determined to grind, you do what you have to do to make it happen! They connected with artists, musicians, and attended a variety of performances. Several Grind Factory artist had a chance to perform for a very receptive crowd!

But when you’re on the grind, gears often wear down, get replaced, and new ones added which means the results of the grind change.

SXSW2018 is about to prove just that.

Party time is over.

It’s about business because the grind is the business!

The year’s trip is all about business because that’s what #Presidents do. The #pitboss, KTEK, is all about politicking, making connections, and promoting the work put in during last year’s #lockins. In his element, he’ll be doing his thing, including performing the single, F@ck Trump, and you know it’s gonna be lit!

The World Famous DJ Brad will be at several events, including the It Ain’t Safe 2018 Hip Hope Block Party. If you’re going to be in the area, pull up and show some love! Follow The Grind Factory on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for live streams, videos, and more!

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