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Gearing Up For A New Year!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

While everyone else is chillin’ out, stepping away from work and getting their party one, the Grind Gang has other things in mind!

We grind 24/7 round here…snow days, holidays, birthdays, and through New Year's Eve!

The last three days of 2017 had the studio shut down to outside sessions as equipment was cleaned and computers updated. The team also took time to kick back and socialize while reviewing tracks made during the final quarter of 2017.

Remember those lock-in sessions? Six 48-hours sessions…over 100 songs added to The Grind Factory catalog...that doesn’t count new tracks made in the weeks following the lock-in. 

Watch the journey….

Locked Into Success (AKA Grinding)

Locked In and Fully Loaded!

Locked In and Fully Loaded! Part 2

Lock-In 5: New Blood

Remember the point where paperwork was prepared and artists who were serious about taking their career to the next level came in and signed split sheets to make it official?

That shit is about to pay off in 2018!!!

The Pay Off...

Don’t believe me? Just watch…

The “President of East Point”, KTEK, also took the time to release another video sharing his thoughts about reactions to his previous video interviews.

What’s in store for The Grind Gang in 2018??? New music, more radio shows, more performances, and much, much, much more!

Keep watching The Grind Factory on social media to stay in the know!

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