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#F@ck Trump Gets Attached to the Movement!

Since the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, the country has been racked by the opinions of people on both sides of the political party. As American’s, we have the right to free speech, be it in groups, in print, in music, or whatever form of media we wish to share our opinions. A simple search on Google brings up hundreds of images of signs, paintings, pictures, hats, shirts, and damn near anything else you can think of sporting the sentiment: ‘Fuck Trump’.

And then there’s Karen Cook Fonseca, the woman from Texas brave enough to take those words a step farther by putting it on the back of her truck, not as a bumper sticker, but as a HUGE decal on the rear window! Karen took it a step further by not only sharing her thoughts about POTUS, she shared what she thought about anyone who voted for him!

After riding around with the sentiment for nearly a year, complaints lead to the local sheriff getting involved. Karen was later arrested and released on unrelated charges, but that hasn’t stopped her! Visit her on Facebook and you will see that she’s been inspired to use her voice and willingness to share what many are afraid to say around the U.S.! She’s started a Go Fund Me campaign to help fund her travel to various rallies where she’s been asked to bring her sign.

Every movement needs theme music, right?

History is going to be made this weekend in at the SXSW 2018 Festival. The Grind Factory and Karen will be meeting up in Austin, Texas to share the message. Look for the Fuck Trump sign, break our your cameras and watch KTEK as he performs live! Follow this link to hear the full song!

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