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DJ Brad Drops Remix Mixtape!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

It's 4:20....chill time. You know what that means. It's time to sit back and listen to some new music!

Here at The Grind Factory, even when it comes to releasing music, we are different on purpose…

The year is off to a great start for the Grind Gang! All of the work put in that last quarter of 2017 is beginning to pay off. It’s amazing what can happen when you make the right industry connections!

A few weeks ago, Legendary DJ Brad of the Legion of Doom DJ’s, found his way to The Grind Factory and has become a part of the team. It started with a project that was already in the works from KTEK, BIG BOSS SHIT. DJ Brad liked what he heard, threw a remix on the title track, and featured the track on his Soundcloud page. Before long, he made a track for KTEK and the two of them collaborated and created a song reminiscent of an old school sound, and it is hot! Check out this video of a playback session for COME TALK 2 ME.

​When the vibe is this strong and creativity is flowing, big things start happening. As a result, DJ Brad used his master skills and dug into the vault of work created by the Grind Gang and put his touch on some of the hottest tracks for his remix mixtape,  3 Kings!

3 Kings feature DJ Brad, Truu Scotchy, and KTEK. Truu Scotchy, a hip hop artist, native of Atlanta, has already been featured on numerous mixes by DJ Brad. 

I had the opportunity to observe DJ Brad in action as he dug into the vaults and found old school beats that fit the acapella of Grind Factory originals. Listening to him combine the two, making them sound so good, you’d think it was how it was originally recorded was an unforgettable experience! History in the making at The Grind Factory, my friends…history.

DJ Brad didn’t keep the love shown to just KTEK and Truu Scotchy. Other Grind Factory Artists who did features or sung the hooks on the chosen tracks are also on the remix album. Shouts out to ITS MUNN, Majestic Royce, and LB Keys.

The first two tracks, DIRTY and BURN IT from the 3 Kings are available now! 

Stay connected by following the 3 Kings on IG!


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