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Big Gear Grindin' in the Studio and the Streets!

It’s been a busy week at the Grind Factory!

When the grind is working, people start to pay attention. Do the grind just right and they make a mark, draw attention to its efficiency, and make others want to become a part of the system.

Recently, history was made at The Grind Factory when its doors were blessed with a visit from Legendary World Famous DJ Brad of the Legion of Doom DJ’s! He was impressed with The Grind Factory Studios. After hearing tracks from KTEK’s Big Boss Chronicles, he offered to produce his next project. DJ Brad knows how to make beats that will grab a listener’s attention and keep them moving. The duo has written and recorded - with DJ Brad blessing a track with his flow - some hits that will have you trippin’ down memory lane! Daring to be different from what’s currently trending on the radio, it was decided the project would take listeners back to the music we grew up with; a fusion of hip-hop and R&B, or as I like to call it, the New Old School.

The result?

‘Come Talk To Me’, a track that is seductively smooth and guaranteed to take listeners back to a time when artist wrote lyrics that seduced and teased without throwing it all in your face.

Don’t remember what that sounds like?

Watch this behind-the-scenes playback of the raw track and you’ll know what I mean!

Learn more about DJ Brad and KTEK by following their pages!

The week ended with an invitation for the ‘President of East Point’ and the Grind Gang to perform at the IHR Motorcycle Clubhouse, The Hideout in Jonesboro, Georgia. It was a Zodiac Shutdown with Sagittarius vs. Capricorns. Also performing was The Scrap Boyz. The host, the Grind Factory’s own Prity Tiggr, did her thing getting the crowd hyped for the event and performers. (The Grind Factory would like to give birthday shout outs go to her mother, “No Chaser”, who celebrated her 57th birthday during the event, and early shout outs to Grind Gang members, Lady Kayne and ‘Lt. Governor of East Point’, ITS MUNN who also celebrate birthdays during the month of December! Also, much love to DoloJayy who showed up and showed out with the Grind Gang on stage!)

The night was another round of successful performances from ITS MUNN and KTEK. Songs performed included ITS MUNN's, ‘Hell Are You Doing’, their collab, ‘Gunz Out’, and KTEK’s controversial hit guaranteed to take every audience by storm, Fuck Trump’.

Stay tuned to the presidential campaign to find out where KTEK will be performing next!

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