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A #FemaleHustlers Anthem!

2019 has been the year of the #FemaleHustle! In politics, the corporate world, at home, or in the streets, the power women hold is taking over! And when it comes to the world of entertainment, compelling female characters have led the cast on nearly every major television show and blockbuster movie, and the actresses, producers, and directors have come from various walks of life and nationalities!

Women are stepping up and holding their own, and strong women need an anthem!'FOR DA MONEY' from Lady Kayne is it! Witty, fresh, and empowering, 'FOR DA MONEY' speaks the truth of what moves women will make to take to get what they want.

Lady Kayne's music is full of energy and will have you on your feet the minute the track comes on. From hot dance mixes to soulful songs sung from the heart, her lyrics pull you in. When she's on stage, her performance garners attention from everyone in the room. Lady Kayne is a Boss with a track record that backs up her lyrics. From Promotions Director at The Grind Factory Studios to Podcast Host on two Internet radio shows, and more, her music is her truth and inspires listeners to stay true to themselves, find happiness, and live life.

No stranger to performing, Lady Kayne has blessed stages in Atlanta, North Carolina, Miami and Miami Beach, Florida, with many more to come!

Learn more about Lady Kayne and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube!

Lady Kayne will perform some of her hottest tracks during the GAMBLE YO GRIND event! If you are an Artist, Producer, or DJ who desires to have their music published the right way, you need to be in the building!

GAMBLE YO GRIND, created by The Grind Factory Studios, is a hybrid event that gives those serious about their career a chance to share their music in front of REAL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL JUDGES and an audience of REAL MUSIC LOVERS! A minimal investment in yourself leads to four chances to win, ranging from studio time at The Grind Factory Studios, single and album releases with World Wide Distribution, signing with Grind Factory, The Label, and more! The Grand Prize is what every artist needs to keep their grind moving: a car! For more information, visit the Grind Factory Studios website for the Eventbrite link and details.

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