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Music Production Packages

Got a song but need help starting your project? We've got you! From 'Readymade Tracks' to Custom-Made Beats, and an Engineer to put it all together, The Grind Factory will help you discover and create your sound!  

Digital Music Production: BEATS

At The Grind Factory, we place ALL of our energy into creating the right sound for you. Our team specializes in helping you discover the perfect track and the right mix of "Vibe". Our prices are the most competitive yet affordable on the market right now! You can participate in the creation of your custom track at a cost far more reasonable than our competitors' "Readymade" tracks. Schedule a facility tour so you can speak privately about your budget and project needs. Custom beats from scratch $300 and up. Custom remakes $500 and up. 

Certified Engineers: RECORDING

Recording great music entails more than having the latest or most expensive gear. It begins with having the right set of ears along with a flexible mindset that will work with you to create your unique sound. Here at The Grind Factory, we strive to find the most suitable Engineer for your specific needs. We keep up with current industry Recording, Mixing, and Mastering techniques as well as develop our own to suit your needs. Come work with our staff on your next project and let's make hits together!

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