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Lady Kayne 

Artist, Writer, Engineer


Lady Kayne started in the industry while assisting KTEK when he engineered recording sessions for Bloc2Bloc Records. Her love for being in the studio paid off when the artists she watched in the booth asked her to sing the hook on their tracks. Soon she began penning and recording songs of her own as well as writing for others.


As her music career grew, so did the responsibilities of her 9-to-5. Lady Kayne has worked in the airline industry for more than fourteen years. She started as a Quality Control Inspector for a company building airline seats. She earned a spot working for a major airline corporation in a critical position in Aviation Regulatory Compliance through hard work. Lady Kayne has experienced the realities of creating, running, and building a business on the corporate and entrepreneurial levels. Her grind is different. So is her music.

Lady Kayne brings a new flavor to the music scene. Her mission is to motivate her listeners with hot tracks mixed with the message of life experiences. Witty lyrics set to head-bobbing tracks speak the truth of a woman working a 9-to-5 while hustling to build her brand. Listen to one song, and you will be inspired to not only get up and dance, you'll be ready to pursue your grind!

When not in the booth, Lady Kayne is the Promotions Director of the Grind Factory Studios and her company, Major Movement, Inc. For fun, she hosts two podcast shows on YouTube, Major Shenanigans with Lady Kayne and The Party Team. Each show explores the funny side of life with taste tests, social media challenges, and real talk about life with her family.

Lady Kayne's latest project is near and dear to her heart, and COVID-19 bought it to life. Watching teachers and students stuck at home inspired her to create Lady Kayne's Rap Storytime, a literacy initiative that combines popular Hip-Hop tracks with books to help children learn to read. Follow this link to learn more about Lady Kayne's Rap Storytime Initiative.

Lady Kayne's music can be found on all digital platforms. Follow Lady Kayne on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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