Enter with nothing and leave with $100.00 CASH, STUDIO TIME at THE GRIND FACTORY STUDIOS, a LABEL DEAL with GRIND FACTORY THE LABEL, and a CAR!!!


GAMBLE YO GRIND the FIRST EVER Artist Showcase, Producer Beat Battle, and DJ Battle that gives you FIVE CHANCES TO WIN!


Platinum Grand Prize Package: Signed to Grind Factory, The Label, and win a FREE CAR!!!* (*County Tax Paid, Title Free and Clear)

1st PLACE PACKAGE: $100 CASH PRIZE, 24-Hours studio time at The Grind Factory Studios, Two (2) singles and EP release, music video release, & radio/magazine interview

2nd PLACE PACKAGE: 8-HOURS studio time at The Grind Factory Studios, EP release, & radio/magazine interview

3rd PLACE PACKAGE: 4-HOURS studio time at The Grind Factory Studios, One (1) single release, & radio/magazine interview


Artists/Producers/DJ's can enter two ways!


Bring 5 Supporters:

Each supporter pays the general admission fee of $10.00, and you perform for FREE!





This is the NON-SUPPORTED Artist/Producer Entry Fee Ticket, One (1) ticket for Artist/Producer/DJ Only!











Get Your Tickets Here!









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The Grind Factory Studios

2706 Harris Street

Suite 140

East Point, Ga. 30344

Ph: 678-435-7321

Email: thegrindfactoryco@gmail.com